High Roller Casino Tips & Strategies

High Roller Casino Tips and Strategies: By definition, game of chance is a game whose outcome is strongly influenced by some randomising device, while a game of skill, although having an element of chance, requires far greater level of skill in determining the outcome.

So, bearing this in mind, categorizing an online slot machine is a piece of cake. Right? You push a button and that’s all, it is where the players control ends. But, does it? Can you become a skilled slot machine player and if you can, how is it achieved?

Speaking about any sort of “skill” in online casino gambling is a relative thing. For example, when playing video poker, the player has certain control over the outcome, while this “certain” easily transfers to “none” when talking about slots.

The future may look entirely different, since skill-based slots are not a fiction anymore, and their use has been approved in Nevada. So, pretty soon they’ll find their way into one of the many Las Vegas casinos, starting a new era.

We can only speculate how will these games look like. Until they reach Sin City, we have good ol’ conventional slot machines at our disposal. So let us return to the question of boosting player chances at online casinos. The answer is yes, you can become a skilled slot machine player, and here are some tips to do so.

What is volatility index and why is it important?

Before we get to the tips, there is a fancy expression we need to further explain. Volatility index is basically an indicator how often the slot will give payouts and how generous will they be – in both the main game and special features. This index refers to the level of risk the slot brings.

The volatility index can either be high, medium or low, and knowing just what that means will separate a penny punter from a high roller.

Another term we need to be familiar with is Return to Player (RTP), which is the percentage of all the wagers a slot machine will, over time, pay back to players.

High volatility translates to higher risk. In practise, this means the game won’t pay out often, but when it does, it will definitely be a hefty win. A perfect example of such game is NetEnt’s Dead or Alive, which offers Scatters, Multipliers, Sticky Wilds and up to 29 free spins, with RTP of 95 percent. This is a type of game made for real high rollers, with suspense and anticipation and a prize worth of waiting.

A medium volatility game would not be so stingy with payouts, but the winnings wouldn’t be big, well, at least not when compared to the previous category. Still, medium volatility game can be very appealing to high rollers and earn rewarding prizes, but don’t expect to strike it rich. A game that fits this description is Yggdrasil’s 2015 release, Nirvana, with RTP going up to 96 percent in game’s bonus rounds.

The last, and definitely least if you’re looking for a huge win, are the low volatility games, where players have the chance to win more frequently, but often the wins are only a bit higher than symbolic. This doesn’t mean these games are not fun to play, it simply means the wins are of low value. One such game is NetEnt’s Starburst, with a high RTP of 96 percent.

Playing for fun

“Playing for fun” is a philosophy applied in the work of some online casino games developers. The focus is to entertain the players, while giving them a chance to win some money, in most cases an amount barely surpassing a high school student weekly allowance.

Low volatility games are perfect when playing for fun, but if you are a high roller, they won’t satisfy your appetite for payouts. It’s all about how much money you want to win. That is why it is important to know your slots.

Playing to win

Medium and high volatility games are a choice for all those seeking more challenge and bigger wins. Medium volatility games can offer a certain level of entertainment, but those of high volatility are all about winning big time. They offer a plethora of slots bonus features – different kinds of free spins, expanding/stacked wilds, and more additional rounds, with triggering them being very, sometimes even extremely difficult. But, no pain, no gain.

And finally – the tips

Reading a slot review can be pretty useful, but if you want to defeat your enemy, you must get to know him a lot better. In the paytable you’ll find all the necessary info on game’s symbols and their value, you’ll learn more about special features and bonus rounds, as well as how to trigger them. Also, the paytable will tell you what you need to know about the volatility of the game – just check how much does the top symbol pay.

Remember, in the majority of slots, the most rewarding payouts are given during the free spins round.

Free spins rounds are possibly the hardest feature to activate, since these will offer the biggest cash rewards and sometimes, not even 200 spins are enough to do so. Therefore, keep in mind the patience is a characteristic of high rollers and that risk is what separates a good from a great player.

Sometimes the risk won’t pay out, sometimes it will. How often it will be is the essence of what volatility signifies.

Summary – High Roller Casino Tips and Strategies

There is no magic formula when it comes to winning a high volatility slot. The odds are against you and the machine… well, the machine is more hungry for your cash than you’ll ever be hungry for its payout. Be prepare to lose, but don’t despair when it occurs. Also, be prepared to risk it all if necessary. He who dares, wins.

Of course, if you just want to relax and play a casual game of slots, some of this will be of no relevance to you. In that case, simply press the spin button and enjoy.

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