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If you asked a bunch of casino game aficionados about what’s the most exciting game, roulette will almost certainly be the most common answer.

Sure, blackjack and poker have their own special perks and advantages, but there are few things in this world that rival the exhilaration that’s felt when the wheel is spinning and you’re trying to guess which of the 37 numbers will the ball fall onto. With that in mind, one could easily conclude that roulette is a complete game, right?

Not quite. While the pizzaz of this legendary game will hardly ever wane, the early 2000s changed everything. As developers suddenly had access to more computing power than ever before, every idea became fair game in the blink of an eye. Enhancing the traditional version of the game became the number one task in everybody’s checklist.

Initially, attempts to spice up roulette didn’t go quite smoothly, as few software development companies had an idea of how a proper live dealer game should look like. However, as everyone became more adept at their craft, titles were also more impressive.

However, few roulette variants managed to dazzle to the extent of Quantum Roulette, one of the most popular games by Playtech. While this isn’t the first game to feature extravagant multipliers, we believe that it has what it takes to become the most beloved piece of custom roulette software.

Originally released on September 11, 2019, Quantum Roulette took the North American continent by storm. While American casinos were initially hesitant to offer this live dealer game, their Canadian counterparts took the plunge immediately and never looked back.

Even though there are obvious similarities to Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette, we believe that Quantum Roulette is the better variant (more on that in a bit).

Therefore, our intention is to fully dissect Playtech’s title and see how it works and which Canadian casinos offer it. We’ll also tackle a few popular strategies that we’ve seen and tried out throughout the testing phase.

With these aspects of analysis, we believe that our Quantum Roulette review will allow you to easily determine whether you should play the game or not.

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🥇Our Favourite Quantum Roulette Sites in Canada


Even though Quantum Roulette boasts an unenviable RTP of 97.30%, this hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of Playtech’s most esteemed titles. Following the gamećs release, we monitored the market. This allowed us to conclude that games with a much lower house edge lagged behind Quantum Roulette during the first six months of its existence.

While this might not be a surefire sign that we have a cult classic on our hands, it still does indicate that casino game enthusiasts care about one thing more than feasibility – excitement. Given the importance of this factor when choosing the right live dealer game, one would think that our only topic in this Quantum Roulette review would be the game itself, but it actually isn’t.

Believe it or not, the game itself is just one aspect of your gaming experience. The rest of the load is shouldered by the casino itself. This is because playing Quantum Roulette is just a fragment of the whole journey, a final destination, if you will.

Before being on the prowl for those juicy multipliers, you have to create an account, choose a payment method, inspect the interface and the licensing, and much more. All of these things differ from one casino site to another, so it’s paramount that you make the right choice.

After acknowledging the issues at hand, research is the next logical step. While the only way to pick the right casino is by trying every single site out, this process is indubitably tedious and time-consuming. To help you focus on Quantum Roulette and all the fanfare surrounding it, we decided to do the research ourselves.

Before we came up with the ranking you see below, we took 30 of the best Canadian casino sites and put them to the same test. Throughout the process, we used a plethora of different categories, assigned them values according to their impact, and pitted all the sites against one another.

It took us two weeks to turn our top 10 into a top 5, but a series of heated debates made things much clearer. The sites we’re presenting in the table below are all legitimate, licensed, and offer fast payouts.

When it comes to the basics, they’re all world-beaters, but it’s the subtle differences that make the best Quantum Roulette casino debate such an interesting one. Take your time and make your pick:

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Deposit Bonus
Good & Bad
Visit Casino
T&C Apply
Playtech Live Casino With Progressive Jackpot Roulette
Always Transparent With Terms & Conditions for Players
Proprietary Loyalty System With Wager Free Rewards
Very Few Big Time Gaming Slots (Bonanza & Extra Chili)
* 18+. New customers only. 100% deposit match up to $300. Available on selected games only. 7-day expiry on Bonus. 40x wagering (max bet $5) before Bonus Balance can be withdrawn. Wagering is with real money first. Game contribution weightings apply to wager requirements. $10 min deposit + 2.5% fee (min 75¢). Not available using Neteller or Skrill. Cash balance withdrawable anytime + $3.75 fee.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Quantum Roulette Live Casino?

Ah yes, the question that never goes away. Despite its frequent mentioning in live casino circles, it can’t be answered with a simple answer. Picking the right casino from a list might be easy, but it’s essential that we narrow the playing field a little bit. This is due to Quantum Roulette being a very specific game.

As such, it doesn’t depend on the same things as other games, which makes the process of finding the ideal Canadian live casino even more painstaking than it initially seemed. Despite being aking to the original variant of the game, Quantum Roulette has its own distinct characteristics, which requires casinos to embody some special perks of their own.

When talking about ideal characteristics, we usually expect something along the lines of solid licensing, gratuitous bonuses, or an appealing UI, but these things are important for almost every game, not just Quantum Roulette. Of course, you shouldn’t register an account at an unlicensed casino, but we wanted to go beyond the obvious signs of a quality site.

Therefore, we tested the casinos we thought were the best ones and compared them once again. Such a head-to-head matchup style allowed us to isolate characteristics that are integral to their success. Before completing the process, we had to remove unique offers and niche options from the equation. This was to pinpoint the key qualities that we were looking for.

When all was said and done, four distinct features emerged as the things you should be looking for in a Quantum Roulette casino:



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High Withdrawal Limits




It’s difficult for any casino to cater to all possible audiences. Not only is this logistically unfeasible, but it’s also a shortcut to a financial black hole. As there are different types of players, operators have to make choices about which group they will target. While being ground zero for rookie roulette players is a must for almost every Canadian live casino, it’s the high rollers that often get shunned aside.

Sometimes, casinos run on low budgets and are afraid to offer high withdrawal limits to their customers. Therefore, offering this feature automatically makes any site legitimate. Having a large bankroll to keep operations going and rewarding players is, if you ask us, the best sign of a proper casino.

This is can be easily explained once you understand the method using which sites ‘tweak’ their limits. Basically – if they see that a lot of people tend to wager a lot of money, they will up the limits. If the limits are still up, it’s probably because many high rollers have found a home on the site.

The nature of Quantum Roulette itself is key to understanding the importance of high withdrawal limits. Since the game is based around multipliers (50x-500x) hitting random numbers at random occasions, it’s considered very volatile when compared to most modern titles.

As such, you can easily run it up, even more so than in Evolution’s Lightning Roulette. The main difference is the Quantum Leap mode in the eponymous version, which can result in multipliers stacking up several times. If this happens, you’re going to want to run it up and cash out quickly.

Some casinos require you to withdraw the money in several instances, with sites even imposing such low limits that you have to wait for weeks to withdraw money. Stay away from such brands, as you’ll find yourself in a dead-end situation, with money that you technically have, but not quite.

If you’re looking for a specific number, we believe that you should aim for a casino that allows upwards of $30,000 per month. Anything below this and you’re in serious jeopardy of turning Quantum Leaps into bittersweet moments.

Check for every possible loophole that might give you free rein, but don’t disregard a $20,000 limit if you’re new to the game. You’re going to need some practice if you want to develop a functional strategy.

Promotions & Raffles




Even if, for some reason, a casino doesn’t impose withdrawal limits, you’re still going to be playing with your own money if your goal is to win. Devising innovative methods to beat the house is great and all, but you should always remember that gambling is an activity with a negative perspective value.

Quantum Roulette is a generous game, but you need all the financial backing you can get. If you’re unable to play on a big budget right away, then bonus hunting is the solution to your problem. By conducting research about the best live casino offers, you will be able to compare each promotion and find one that will help you experience Quantum Roulette in its full glory.

The most common kind of promotion, a deposit bonus, lets you get a match on the amount you initially added to your account. Throughout the industry, the standard is 100%, but you can find high-roller-oriented promotions with a 150% or 200% boost.

By claiming a bonus, you’re getting free money that you can use to increase your chances of hitting the multiplier and the Quantum Leap at the same time. Believe it or not, mere dollars can be the difference during this phase, so you’re going to want to exploit that 2.70% house edge.

Rarely will you see a no deposit bonus, but even if you do, it would be most likely dedicated to slots. However, there are still some Canadian live casino sites that offer Quantum Roulette-specific bonuses, as a means of promoting the game. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the bonus because if something looks too good to be true, it most likely is.

If you really like the aesthetic and gameplay of Quantum Roulette, you’re going to want to look for a bonus with a long expiry date. What this means is that you’re looking at a limit of 30+ days in which you must spend the bonus money or claim the winnings.

We’ve seen casinos put seven-day limits, which is ludicrous and promotes reckless gambling just to meet the quota. Such brands don’t deserve support because of their unethical ways.

Quantum Roulette Bonus Contribution




Good news – the worst is over. Now that we’ve elaborated on two important characteristics of every Quantum Roulette casino, it feels like you’re pretty much done, right? The answer might be yes, but there is still one hurdle to pass. To be sure that you’ve picked the right live casino bonus, it’s important that you find an offer with a good contribution rate. But what does that even mean?

A bonus contribution rate is expressed through percentages and it signifies the amount of each wager that counts to the wagering requirements. For instance, if the contribution rate is 50%, then every dollar you wager will count as 50c against the threshold. Betting $150 in a single session will count as $75 to the conditions to withdraw the winnings.

While the notion of games having different contribution rates seems like an unnecessary complication, the move actually makes sense.

Games like Quantum Roulette have outcomes that can pretty much be controlled by your own decisions, which basically means that you can win often if you pick a good strategy. Casino sites would go bankrupt if they awarded roulette variants, which have an average RTP of 97.06%, a 100% contribution rate. To save money, this sky-high rate is reserved only for newer slot titles, which haven’t been played enough to know the exact house edge.

Because you can run it up more than in most live dealer roulette games, you’ll most likely encounter rates in the 17% ballpark. Anything between 15% and 23% is great, especially if you’re a high roller who’s gunning for the Quantum Leap to coincide with proper implementation of your strategy.

However, you can cross-reference a casino’s contribution rate for Quantum Roulette with other features, so accepting a lower rate is okay. Picking the right place to watch the wheel spin is like a puzzle, but with an open end result. You get to choose which pieces will form the final picture.

If a bonus is very lucrative, let’s say a 200% match up to $4,000, it’s okay to accept modest rates. In the long run, you’re probably going to ride a hot streak or two, which will neutralize a rate that’s lower than that of a less lucrative bonus.

Do some financial planning, allocate your bankroll, and plan the easiest route to beat the rates and withdraw your money. It’s much easier than it looks and it turns your Quantum Roulette bonuses into true weapons.

Flexible Betting Limits




Our team at Lion Casinos had an argument about the difference between flexibility and overall width of betting limits. Ultimately, we realized that these were indeed two different categories that can be used to measure the quality of a Quantum Roulette casino.

With width, you’re almost always looking at the upper limits. High-rollers will naturally gravitate towards sites with high limits, but won’t look at the lower end of the spectrum. When you’re trying to determine how good a casino is, you need to pay attention to that, too. How low a brand is willing to go is a direct indicator of how welcoming they are to beginners.

Of course, different players prefer different approaches to the game. Some want to run it up and win thousands and not play for the next two months. Others might want to catch a few spins on a daily basis. Canadian sites are known for respecting different player preferences, so you won’t find it hard to find properly flexible betting limits.

It’s paramount that you look for flexibility if you’re a Quantum Roulette beginner. As there are several strategies that you can use to boost your bankroll, you’re going to want to start with small sums. This is by far the best approach to new methods because you need a longer period of time to see how feasible a strategy is.

There’s also the dreaded cold streak, during which it’s essential to lower your wagers or sit out a few spins. Quantum Roulette is on the volatile end of live dealer games, so flexibility and freedom are essential if you’re going to need to switch up your approach.

A 50c or $1 minimum bet limit is what you should be aiming for. This low of a limit ensures that you won’t have to stop playing the game entirely, even if you lose a significant amount of money in a single run.

Cross-reference the lower limit with the upper one and pick a casino that lets you get the best of both worlds. Couple that with a lucrative bonus and you’re in for some free Quantum Roulette.

How Does Quantum Roulette Work?

Quantum Roulette would be best described as a hybrid live dealer game, one which combines elements of RNG-based software and live footage from a studio. This is a relatively new concept in the iGaming industry, so we somewhat expected to see mistakes. Even though it’s Playtech we’re talking about, treading in uncharted waters can be tricky for anyone. However, it quickly turned out that we were terribly wrong. 

The first unique thing about Quantum Roulette is that it doesn’t use a dealer per se, as the ball is ejected into the spinning circle by an air-pressure pipe. A special laser scans the entire circle and confirms the result. This ensures that the outcome is always random, which often isn’t the case when human bias is a part of the equation. 

All the standard European Roulette bets are there, with dedicated panels for the racetrack view and some special bets. We love the fact that they only take up the lower part of the screen and that the entire menu is translucent. Given the fact that the design of the entire studio is futuristic, being able to view it in its entirety is certainly a privilege. 

Aside from the straight-up bets and their special counterparts, there is also another side to Quantum Roulette, a side that’s completely RNG-based. On a completely random basis, with no guarantee for a pattern emerging, random multipliers will be applied to specific numbers. They range from 50x to 500x and are always divided by 50 (50, 100, 150…). 

On top of that, you also get a chance to experience a Quantum Leap. This in-game mechanism is an even more random RNG phenomenon, which lets you double or triple your initial multiplier. 

As cool as these two features are, a lot of things have to go your way to get that 500x max multiplier. Not only does a Quantum Boost (the first ‘layer’ of multipliers) happen rarely, but it can sometimes involve only one or two numbers. Even if you succeed in making the right straight-up or section-based bet, the chances of the Quantum Leap happening are slim at best. Thus, there’s no way to effectively strategize.

However, there still are ways to win at Quantum Roulette. Three strategies emerge as the best solutions: 

  • Bet on half the wheel. Whilst technically unfeasible, this strategy lets you capitalize on multipliers or revamp your depleted bankroll. We consider this a last-resort approach because it can sometimes take as many as 50 spins before a Quantum Boost happens. This can be a crippling move, but you can apply it sporadically to see if you can snatch an early multiplier and cash out immediately afterwards. 
  • Bet on Voisin du Zero or the Orphans. Even though the multipliers are the main objective here, you still have to look to win using regular means. Focusing on sections is a great way to do so because you’ll be able to withstand a bounce or two. You’ll only strengthen your bankroll and have it ready for a multiplier sighting. 
  • Straight-ups as specials. If picking a specific number isn’t exactly your style, you can also choose a section and bet small amounts on 3-8 numbers, just to have a two-fold approach to winning. You’ll either win a nice sum or a mind-boggling won if Lady Luck is on your side. 
  • Spread it out. This strategy involves picking 4-11 numbers and assigning different wagers to some of them. Those which you prefer to hit should receive three timers the wager the others do. It’s a casual approach that can boost your balance so that you can increase your bets later on.
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Games Similar to Quantum Roulette

When talking about titles that resemble Playtech’s flagship roulette game, the best possible candidate is Evolution’s Lightning Roulette. It is, after all, the predecessor of Quantum Roulette. Even though it’s easy to jump from one game to the other without having to grow overly accustomed to the new circumstances, there are some key differences.

Lightning Roulette only pays 30:1 on straight-up bets, while the Quantum iteration applies the usual 35:1. This is a significant increase, but there are other reasons why we believe that Playtech have themselves a true golden goose. 

Quantum Roulette has one of the best studios we’ve ever seen, with the camera angle being much cinematic without the need for the dealer to spin the wheel. 

Of course, the most convincing reason of all is the Quantum Loop itself. Evolution simply doesn’t offer any multipliers on top of existing multipliers. 

The animations and the actual UI are overall much better than what you might see while playing Lightning Roulette. If you’re new to live dealer games, Quantum should definitely be the way to go. In case you’re still unsure, check out our Lightning Roulette review, including a full breakdown and analysis.

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