Online Slots With Sticky Wilds Feature

It is hard to imagine a slot machine without a Wild symbol. Wilds or substitutes appear in classic slots too, but with the development of video slots they have become an indispensable element which enhances players’ winning chances by replacing regular symbols. Over the years, Wilds have evolved, so today you can enjoy Wilds with a range of additional features each slot aficionado appreciates.

online slots with sticky wilds

Wild can come in stacks, expand to cover the reels entirely or remain at their position for the duration of a series of spins. The last mentioned type of Wilds is so-called sticky Wild and once you have played a slot game offering them you will love them forever. The aim of this guide is to help you get familiar with sticky Wilds, their key features and the ways you can benefit from them.

What Are Sticky Wilds

Just as we said in the introduction, sticky Wilds are those substitutes which are held at their position during a certain feature. Regular Wilds will appear during the base game while sticky Wilds can be typically seen on the reels during bonus features such as re-spins or free spins. Sticky Wilds can appear one by one or in stacks and they will complete your winning combinations just like regular Wilds.

Sometimes, sticky Wilds can appear only on certain reels while other slot machines offer sticky Wilds which can cover the reels completely. In both cases, Wilds will stick to the reels while other reels or positions will spin thus providing you with additional chances of winning. By connecting regular symbols to create winning combinations, sticky Wilds will help you during a series of spins to hit some hefty payouts.

How to Get Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds are not available in all slot machines nor do they appear during the base game. Sometimes, though, they may appear during the main game randomly, but generally speaking sticky Wilds can land on the reels during bonus games or rounds. If a slot machine offers re-spins, sticky Wilds can be available during them. For instance, a set of Wilds trigger a re-spin and they remain at their positions until the feature is over. When we talk about re-spins, in some games you can benefit from a series of re-spins which last as long as you land new Wilds on the reels. And you guess, Wilds are held on the reels as long as re-spins are played.

Another bonus feature during which you can benefit from sticky Wilds is the free spins feature. If you trigger free games with sticky Wilds on the reels, you can hit some big wins as new symbols will appear and stick to the reels to complete multiple winning combinations at once. During free games you can literally cover the reels completely with Wilds. That’s why sticky Wilds in most cases do not appear on all the reels. Instead, they may appear on three central reels, which can be enough to help you win multiple payouts.

Additional Features of Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds can also expand to cover the reels entirely or move from one reel to another. Some software developers prefer to include moving Wilds which shift to one side of the reels to another. This is a variation of sticky Wilds as they stay on the reels during the feature but at the same time they move. Sticky Wilds can sometimes act as multipliers too and double or triple payouts from the combinations in which they are included.

Other Types of Wild Symbols

Stacked Wilds are one of the variations of this special symbol. As their name says, stacked Wilds come in stacks and cover the reels entirely. They can grant you some big payouts by completing multiple winning combinations at once. We have already mentioned expanding Wilds which produce the same effect as stacked Wilds. As soon as they land on the reels, stacked Wild spread up and down to populate all the positions. Sometimes they may form a cross by spreading in all directions. Shifting Wilds act just like sticky Wilds as they stay on the reels for a series of subsequent spins and move across the reels until they disappear from the reels.

Advantages of Playing Slot Games with Sticky Wilds

Playing a slot machine with sticky Wilds can be really fun as you will have more opportunities to create winning combinations and hit bigger wins. It looks spectacular when your screen is covered with identical symbols and these symbols are Wilds which act as jokers. Before you start playing the game check all its features and the way it pays as sometimes bonus feature can be lucrative but hard to trigger. Keep in mind that Wilds typically don’t substitute for Scatters needed for triggering the free spins feature.


What’s the difference between sticky and regular Wilds?

While regular Wilds appear on the reels and stay there during a single spin, sticky Wilds can help you create winning combinations during a series of spins.

How to find slot games with sticky Wilds?

Slot games with sticky Wilds are all over the internet. Visit the casino offering the products developed by your favourite software providers and find slot games offering this special symbol.

Are sticky Wilds available in no download slot games?

Yes, of course. You can enjoy slot games available in instant-play casinos and take advantage of sticky Wilds while playing them on your computer or mobile device.

How sticky Wilds affect payouts?

Sticky Wilds help you win big by substituting for regular symbols. If you can imagine the whole screen covered by Wilds held at their positions while other symbols spin and land around them, then you can imagine how sticky Wilds can boost your winning chances. Although it is not a regular slot feature, Wilds can sometimes act as multipliers too. If sticky Wilds act as multipliers, they will double or triple both fun and payouts.

Can I play slot games with sticky Wilds in free play mode?

Sure, slot games with sticky Wilds are available on the Internet and you can enjoy them just like all other titles in free play mode. However, as long as you play in free play mode without real money bets placed your huge wins will be just a fun balance and not available for withdrawals.

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