If you are new to Video Poker and you want to master the game, read our full guide with the set of the most important Video Poker Tips to beat the machine.

videopokerVideo Poker appeared in Vegas gaming halls back in the 1970s and it has been one of the favourite forms of entertainment ever since. Its popularity comes from the way the game combines poker rules with the slot technology allowing players to create a better poker hand and beat the machine. Today you can enjoy multiple Video Poker versions playable in one or more hands from the comfort or your home or on the move.

The main difference between slot and Video Poker games is in the fact that playing the latter does not rely solely on a player’s luck but it requires certain skills. By using a proper strategy, a player can lower the house edge and hit big payouts so with this guide we want to present you with a list of tips you should use in order to create a better hand and beat the machine.

The first thing you should do is to choose a reputable online casino which offers a wide selection of Video Poker variations. One of the most popular versions of the game is Jacks or Better with quite simple game rules. Once you have chosen a Video Poker game, you should choose an amount of coins you want to wager and use the proper strategy.

Reputable online casino which offers a wide selection of Video Poker variations

When you start playing the game you will be dealt five cards. You will keep the cards which can be a part of a poker hand while the rest of cards are discarded. Push the Draw button to get another set of cards instead of those you have discarded. You win if you create traditional poker hands such as a pair, straight, flush and so on. Stay with us to learn all the tips you should apply for the best performance and results.

#1: Play in Practice Mode

If you are new to Video Poker, you have to play it in practice mode first. By doing so you will try out all the options and learn how a certain Video Poker variant functions and what moves you have to make to create the best poker hand. The best online casinos will let you play in free play mode so that you can learn the ropes and see how your moves can affect the outcome of the game. As a beginner you don’t have to risk your own money until you feel confident enough to beat the game.

Playing in practice mode can be very useful as you will get familiar with paytables you have to keep your eye on. Video poker is the casino game with the paytable indicating how much money you get in return for your bets if you apply the optimal strategy. Practice playing Video Poker without risking real cash from the comfort of your home or on the go and turn your stakes into a profit once you start playing in real money mode.

#2: Know Your Bankroll and Stick to It

Before you start placing your bets, determine your bankroll and try not to exceed it. Although the result of Video Poker games depend on your skills and strategy, don’t forget that Video Poker is still a game of chance and that you can lose as well. In order to make the most of playing it, it is highly recommended that you set the loss and win limits and stick to them.

Set aside an amount you can afford to wager on Video Poker games and adjust the value of your bet so that you can play longer, that is to say to play more rounds. To configure your bet you can choose up to 5 coins at one of the offered coin denominations, so read the next chapter to learn what the best option is when it comes to wagering on Video Poker games.

#3: Bet Maximum Coins

One of the most important tips you have to apply for the biggest payouts is wagering the maximum amount of coins. When you place a five coin bet, you can get the full value for the royal flush which means that you can win 800 for 1. On the other hand, wagering fewer coins lowers the prize awarded for the same combination to 250 for 1 in most cases.

Although royal flush is not a hand you will create on a regular basis, only by wagering the maximum amount of coins you can get paid the maximum award for it. To stay within your bankroll while playing the maximum amount of coins, you should opt for lower coin values.

#4: Keep an Eye on the Paytable

While playing Video Poker games you have to pay a close attention to the paytable displaying all the combinations and payouts delivered for creating them. You should choose the game you will play based on the paytable as it shows the number of coins required and all the returns for the money wagered. You should look for full pay Video Poker games which will be explained in the next chapter.

Once you master playing Video Poker, you will be able to recognise a good paytable faster. The paytables which pay high pairs and better will award you for using your skill rather than for relying on your luck. Though it may strike you as tedious, you have to take some time and read about Video Poker odds. This will help you choose the game with the best rules. If time is money, this activity will be your best investment when it comes to playing Video Poker games.

#5: Play Full Pay Video Poker Games

A full pay Video Poker game is a variant of the game that returns better payouts than other machines. To find out how much a certain Video Poker variant pays look out for a return to player rate displayed in a percentage. For instance, the Video Poker variance Jacks or Better has a 99.54% return to player rate which practically means that the house edge is only 0.46%. In practice that simply means that you have more chance to win while playing such a Video Poker machine.

To find a full pay Video Poker game look at the values displayed in the paytable for one coin bet. You can also check out the theoretical return to the player which is typically displayed in the Rules section of the paytable. One of the full pay variants is Jacks or Better Video Poker also known as a 9/6 machine. Don’t let this figures confuse you as they stand for the payouts delivered for a full house and flush hand respectively. When you wager 1 coin, the full house should pay 9 times your bet while the flush should pay 6 times your bet. Most Video Poker variants are based on Jacks or Better, so now you can easily find those which pay 9/6.

#6: Apply Appropriate Strategy

No matter how high a return to a player rate can be high, without a proper strategy you will not be able to beat the machine. You need to read the paytable carefully for each version of the game and plan your moves according to it. Keep in mind that the outcome of the game depends on your moves although the cards are dealt at random. You are the one who decides which cards will be kept and which ones will be discarded.

Each Video Poker variant has its own paytable and a strategy you should apply for a better hand. A strategy will be different for the same game if the paytable is different and for each paytable you are to use a unique strategy. You have to study all the games and their paytables for a while before you start playing a certain game. Search the Internet to find the proper strategy for a desired game and act according to it. This is the only way to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest and maximise you payouts.

When playing Video Poker you should remember that no single high card is more worth keeping than a low pair. Royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind and two pair are the hands you should always keep. If you get a three of a kind combination, discard other two cards so that you can create a four of a kind or a full house hand. If you get two pairs, consider discarding the fifth card for a chance of creating a full house hand.

Keep in mind that the optimal strategy varies from one game to another and that regardless of the variant of the game you opt for, for the biggest payouts you have to wager five coins. Some games award bonuses when playing maximum coins too while others offer a Double up feature meaning that you can risk your winnings to increase them by guessing the colour of a hidden card. This part of the game is based on pure luck and you should act responsibly while using this option.

In a Nutshell: How to win at Video Poker

As a newbie to Video Poker you should practice to get an edge at Vide Poker games. The good news is that Video Poker is a game with the rules which can be learned and that making right decisions can help you make a better score. If you want to play the game seriously and really get an edge over the casino, you will have to follow the tips given above and find a proper strategy you will use on the game of your choice.

Start with Jacks or Better which is the most common version of the game and play it in free play mode. This is how you will understand the basics of the game and practice the proper strategy. Don’t even try to avoid reading the paytable as it is crucial when it comes to playing Video Poker games. Make the odds work for you by choosing a full pay Video Poker version and applying the proper strategy for it.

To master playing Video Poker may take time, but it pays back once you start wagering real money. No other casino game can be beaten the way Video Poker can if you act responsibly and don’t exceed your bankroll. Make the right choice when it comes to the game selection, apply the proper strategy and beat the machine with a better poker hand.

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