Online Blackjack for Players in Canada

blackjack iconBlackjack is one of the most popular casino games in gaming halls worldwide, so it’s no wonder that online and mobile casinos offer a wide range of its variants. This table game is also known as twenty-one as the main goal is to beat a dealer with a hand of cards not exceeding 21. The popularity of the game comes from the belief that the player can beat the dealer and win if he keeps track of dealt cards carefully.

However, few players really made a success using these skills which caused changes in the way the game is played. Today instead of one 52-card deck, Blackjack is played with two or more decks.

Blackjack is not just a game of chance as it requires certain skills and strategy. If you are not patient and concentrated enough on the gameplay, you should not play this game. The most important thing with Blackjack is to learn the basic strategy as it can be extremely useful once you start paying the game with real money. Before you start placing real-money bets on the table, you can always try out a variety of Blackjack versions for free playing them in practice mode.

How Real Money Blackjack Works

The game is played at a Blackjack table. As soon as you place your bet, you will be dealt two cards. The value of cards is added together and all face cards are counted as ten points. An ace is counted as 1 point or 11 points while all other cards are counted as their actual value. When you receive the first two-card hand, you can get a “hit” or take an additional card. The winner is a player or a dealer who has scored 21 or has the higher score which is less than 21. A hand with a score higher than 21 loses. If the dealer busts, that is to say, if he has a score higher than 21, the player wins with a hand equal to or less than 21.

There is also a hand called “soft” which happens when a player has an A valued as 11, which means that he or she can’t go bust by taking an additional card. The player wins if he doesn’t bust or if he has a total which is higher than the dealer’s.

The dealer loses if he busts or if he has a hand with a score less than the one of the player who has not busted. If both of them have the same total, this situation is a “push”, which means that the player typically doesn’t win or lose money in this round.

Blackjack Betting System

You can choose from two main types of betting systems when playing Blackjack: positive progressions or negative progressions. If you opt for positive progression, you raise your bets whenever you win by funding your bets by the money you have won. This betting system is considered conservative and if you keep on losing, you will not lose your budget quickly which may be the case with a negative progression.

If you choose a negative progression, you raise your bets whenever you lose. This system is more risky, but if you win, your payouts will be higher. You can also utilise a combination of both systems thus creating a perfect betting system.

How to Win at Blackjack

When it comes to Blackjack, the skill is what really matters. You need to try out different strategies and keep in mind that they are all based on logic and maths. We will provide you with tips and trick you can use to make a better performance and it is up to you which one of them you will use while playing online Blackjack.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

As a Blackjack player you need to learn the basic strategy as it will help you wipe out the advantage the casino has over an unskilled player. If you manage to learn the basic strategy you will decrease the house edge to less than 1% which makes Blackjack one of the most lucrative casino games. The basic strategy can vary depending on how many decks the Blackjack variant you play uses. Keep in mind that Blackjack strategies are effective in the long run.

When playing the game using a single deck, the basic strategy will help you make the right moves and know when to double, stand, split or hit. All you have to do is to find a Blackjack chart showing the preferred moves in all possible situations. For instance, if you get 8, you should double on the dealer’s 5 to 6. Otherwise, you should hit. If you get 9 or 10, double on 2 to 9. If you get 11, always double. If you get 17 to 21, you should always stand. With an A, 9 hand always stand and if you get two As or two eights, always split. With two 10s always stand.

When playing Blackjack with four and more decks, if you get 5 to 8, always hit. If your hand equals 10, double on 2 to 9 and hit on 10, A. If you get from 13 to 16 stand on 2 to 6 or otherwise hit; with 17 and 18 always stand, just as in case you have from A,8 to A,10. Two 8s and two As always split and two 10s always stand.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

All the moves you should make while playing Blackjack can be found in Blackjack strategy charts. The player’s hand is listed vertically on the left side of the chart whereas the dealer’s exposed cards are listed on the top. To determine which move you should make, find the value of your hand and the value of the dealer’s hand and follow the list to see the recommended action. Possible actions are typically given in different colours so that you can easily follow the suggestions.

basic blackjack strategy

Once you start using patterns, they will become more visible and you will be more resolute when making moves. Make sure that you use the right chart for the Blackjack game you play as a wrong chart can mislead you.

Biggest Mistakes with Blackjack

One of the biggest mistakes when playing Blackjack is relying on your luck and intuition. To win, you must use the strategy and make the right moves. You should not avoid using the basic strategy if you want to win. Keep in mind that making moves based on your intuition can increase the house advantage to over 5%. You should also avoid using a progressive betting system as progressive bets cannot increase your odds of winning. Instead of doubling your bet after each hand whether you win or lose, you should keep track on high and low cards which have been dealt in the previous rounds.

You should avoid making side bets when your initial hand equals 20 as these bets have a high house edge. Another common mistake is not hitting when you have a soft 16. That means that when you have an A which can be counted as 1 or 11 and you hit on soft 16, you cannot lose. Since the dealer must draw cards to reach the value of 17, there is no difference in having soft 16 or less than 17. You can beat the dealer if he busts. The objective is to have over 17 and less than 21. Insurance bets should also be avoided.

Blackjack Payouts

With the strategic gameplay you can lessen the house advantage over you and win bigger payouts. With traditional Blackjack games, the player generally wins a 3:2 payout whereas with modern variants, payouts are lowered to 6:5 and 7:5. Practically this means that with 3:2 payouts on every $50 bet you place you win $75. With 6:5 payouts, wagering $50 per hand pays out $60. Before you start playing, it is recommendable to examine all the rules and paytable. If the game you are interested in offers a 6:5 payout, you should look for another variant.

Blackjack Variants to Play

Now when you know the basic tips and tricks about placing bets and making moves with Blackjack games, we provide you with a list of the most popular variants you will find at the majority of online casinos.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is one of the most popular casino Blackjack variants. It is played with 4 standard card decks and the objective is to beat the dealer with a card hand of a higher value than the dealer’s hand and not exceed a total of 21. Some of the rules include that the dealer stands on soft 17 and peek for Blackjack. The game pays 3:2 in most cases, yet some games pay 6:5. Players may double down on any initial hand or after splitting. Players can also split to up to 4 total hands and As may be split one time. When playing Vegas Strip Blackjack, 21 on split As does not count as Blackjack.

Atlantic City Blackjack

You don’t have to travel to Atlantic City to take your chance on Atlantic City Blackjack. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home as this variant is featured in almost every online casino. It is played with 8 standard card decks against the dealer. To win in this game you should beat the dealer without busting by exceeding 21. The game typically pays 3:2, but some Atlantic City Blackjack games may pay 6:5. The rules include the following: the dealer stands on soft 17 and peeks for Blackjack. The player can double on any two cards and split up to 3 times. As can only be split once, one card can be dealt to split As and the player is allowed to split unlike 10-valued cards. The game allows late surrender.

European Blackjack

With European Blackjack your goal is also to beat the dealer with a hand value not higher than 21. All 10s and face cards are worth 10 points, As are worth 1 or 11 points while other cards are worth their actual value. The specific CADpean Blackjack rules include playing the game with two decks of cards. The dealer always wins with Blackjack of 21.

When both the player and the dealer have Blackjack, the game is a “push”. The dealer stands on soft 17 and does not peek for Blackjack. Only hands with the value of 9, 10 or 11 points can be doubled on. Players can split one time alike 10-valued cards and Blackjack pays out 3:2. This variant is the best choice for less experienced players.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is the latest innovation when it comes to online gambling. Live Blackjack variants are played at live tables and operated by real dealers instead of the RNG (Random Number Generator) thus providing players with a genuine casino experience. These games are streamed directly from land-based and studios in HD resolution and players are allowed to interact with the dealer.

Some of the most reputable game providers offering Live Blackjack titles are Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Playtech. Live Blackjack games offer a wide betting range so that any kind of player can enjoy them. The minimum bet you can place is in most cases $1 or $5 while the maximum bet at some tables may go up to $200,000.

live dealer blackjack

Best Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is a table game each casino offers in its library. In most cases you will come across a wide selection of Blackjack variants which are affordable to all kinds of players. To enjoy Blackjack to the fullest, find a reputable gaming venue, like one of those listed on our gaming portal. Learn tips and tricks along with the basic strategy and place your bets carefully. Most casinos will welcome you with a generous bonus based on your first deposit you can use to play any of Blackjack titles you want.

Using Free Cash to Play Blackjack

If you claim a welcome bonus on your first or a series of initial deposits, you can get your balance balanced. However, as a Blackjack player you should know a few things. No matter how much money you get from the casino, it is considered free cash and can be withdrawn only when you meet certain wagering requirements. That practically means that you need to wager the bonus and sometimes even your deposit as many times as stated in the casino terms and conditions.

Typically, wagering requirements are set between 30 and 60x, which means that if you get $100 free, you have to wager $3,000 in real money. The problem is that you cannot turn your free cash into real money while playing Blackjack as bets on these games does not contribute to wagering requirements at all in most cases.

Blackjack Do’s and Don’ts


  • Find a reputable online casino.
  • Use the basic strategy.
  • Use logic and maths.
  • Set the loss limit.
  • Quit if you keep on losing.
  • Increase your wager a bit if you are on a winning streak.


  • Don’t place insurance bets.
  • Don’t believe your intuition.
  • Don’t raise the loss limit.
  • Don’t increase your bets while losing.
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