Lucky Streak Live Blackjack Review & Best Casinos

Lucky Streak is one of the less experienced live gaming developers but that’s in no way reflected in any of their products.

You can challenge the company’s charming and professional dealers seated in a nicely designed studio with multiple tables and audio background which helps create an ambiance typical for a casino floor.

Cleverly designed environment and high quality streaming can easily make you believe you’re feeling the felt as your hit for another card.

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Generic 7 Seat Tables

Lucky Streak Live Blackjack tables offer 7 seats and an individual player can take up to three to play three different hands against the dealer. If none are available, one can bet on a hand dealt to another player and share the same outcome. Before you choose who to Bet Behind, check Hot-or-Not stats showing how hot a particular player is and how many wins they had in a row.

You’ll find the minimum and maximum bets for each betting alternative presented on the sign to the right of the dealer. Icons on top of the screen allow you to choose one of 12 interface languages, adjust volume, open game rule and change settings – set video quality to low, medium, high or auto, and switch sound effects and win animations on or off.

Having been welcomed to the table, you can start placing bets. Players’ cards are dealt face up while the first card dealt to the dealer is face up and the second one face down. Oversized markings make them easy to read even on small screens.

You have an option to communicate whether you wish to Hit or Stand before it’s your turn using the pre-decision buttons. Icons at the bottom of the screen enable players to show or hide side bets, view their gaming history, launch Live Chat or access the lobby to pick an alternative table.

Should both the dealer and the player get Blackjack, the game is a Push. One can insure against this outcome when the dealer’s up card turns out to be an Ace. Insurance is a side bet equal to half of the original wager and it pays 2:1 if your opponent gets lucky.

Lucky Streak’s Live Blackjack offers two other optional bets – 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. The first is based on your first two cards and the dealer’s first face up card. It wins when these three form a 3-card poker hand and pays 9: 1 for every combination.

Perfect Pairs side bet is based on the player’s initial two cards and pays 6:1 for Mixed Pair, 12:1 for Coloured Pair and 25:1 for Perfect Pair (identical cards).

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Drawing Rules & RTP for Lucky Streak Blackjack

In Lucky Streak’s Blackjack, each shoe has 8 decks of cards. The dealer must stand on all hands of 17 or more. When the player’s first two cards are of equal value, they have the option to Split them into two separate hands and place an additional bet of equal value on the second one. If you Split two Aces, you’ll receive only one extra card per hand. Splitting is permitted once per round.

One also has an opportunity to Double Down on any two cards when they believe one additionally card will make their hand strong enough to beat the dealer. Live Blackjack from Lucky Streak has an RTP of 99.39% for the main game, 92.53% for Insurance bet, 97.26% for 21+3 side wager and 86.97% for Perfect Pairs.

  • 8 decks
  • Dealer stands on all 17
  • Double Down on any two cards
  • One Split per round
  • Split Aces get one card each
  • Insurance available when dealer has an Ace
  • RTP 99.39%
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How Does Lucky Streak Compare Against Other Suppliers?

Lucky Streak team knows that, in order to make their land-based casino replica truly authentic, they have to deliver impeccable visuals and sounds. Unlike some of their competitors, they consistently manage to deliver sharp pictures and fully synchronised audio.

The device makes no difference; streaming quality remains just as high when you launch Lucky Streak Live Blackjack on a smartphone.

Gameplay itself is pretty standard and UI as simple as can be while still providing options which make bet placement easy and enable players to adapt the experience to their own preferences.

Dealers seem to be really well trained; they are, without exception, friendly and communicative (without being too chatty) and behave as experienced professionals. Lucky Streak isn’t the only developer that includes dealer tipping functionality but this is definitely a welcome extra which helps us believe we’re playing at a brick-and-mortar casino.

The biggest disadvantage is that there is no common draw variant; if the table with limits you’re comfortable with happens to be fully occupied, the only options will be to wait or Bet Behind and true Blackjack fans may not be happy with either.

Another downside is that 21+3 optional wager pays 9:1 no matter what the combo; in Evolution Gaming Blackjack, for example, the same bet can pay as much as 100:1.

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