One question that bugs online punters from the very beginning is – which casino slots pays best or better than all. Having in mind that slots are played for money, why would anyone bother to play different games with different payout percentages? The answer to that question is complex and includes personal preferences, personal experience, recommendations from other players and more.

However, one of the most obvious reasons is a lack of information about the top paying slot games. We will provide you that information, as well as some other useful facts.

Loose and Tight Slot Machines

Which Casino Slots Pay BestIf you are an experienced casino slots enthusiast, you have definitely picked up bunch of odd expressions that are part of the gambling milieu. In slots slang, expressions “loose” and “tight” are frequently used to describe the games that pay more or less than average. However, these terms are very relative, since there is no strict line that divides loose and tight games. Furthermore, some might see a particular slot as loose, while others consider it tight – it is, like many other things in gambling, based on personal experience.

Nevertheless, you are not doomed to listen to the unbelievable gamblers’ cacophony for the rest of your life. There is one thing that serves as a guide when searching for the high paying online slots and it is called the Theoretical Return to Player (Theoretical RTP). This number shows us the percentage of all bets on a particular game that is payed back to the players.

Being a theoretical value, it represents a mathematical calculation given on countless number of bets, therefore in real life a game could come with different payouts at different periods of time. Yet, in a long, really long, run, a theoretical payout will unmistakably match to the real payouts. Therefore, a theoretical payout can be used as a good landmark to distinguish loose and tight slot machines. It is commonly expressed as a percentage, so if a specific slot game gives a theoretical RTP of 97% it means that $97 out of total $100 wagered on the game is payed back to the players. Once again, this is an average value and your personal playing sessions will probably show different results.

So, how high a theoretical RTP should be to consider a game loose one? That is something everyone should answer for themselves, but we recommend you to favour slots with higher payout percentage. However, if a slot comes with a theoretical RTP of less than 95%, you should definitely look elsewhere.

5 Slot games with Highest RTP

  1. Goblin’s Cave by Playtech (99.31%) This 3-reel 3-row classic slot machine is considered the highest paying online slot in the world. This simple game includes only 3 pay lines, but you have probably learnt that the number of pay lines does not mean much. Three lines in Goblin’s Cave pay much more than any 25-line or 40-line videoslot. Unless you find classic slots completely unattractive, play Goblin’s Cave and take advantage of the unbelievable RTP percentage.
  2. Ocean Princess by Playtech (99.07%) Another Playtech’s product, Ocean Princess is also a classic slot game, but has 5 rows and 5 pay lines. Although a simple games, Ocean Princess is very interesting to play since there is a hold button below the reels which enables you to keep the reel(s) you are satisfied with and let the others spin once again.
  3. Ugga Bugga by Playtech (99.07%) Inspired by a jungle tribe, Ugga Bugga is played almost the same as the previous game. Every spin begins with three symbols that appear at the lowest row and you may hold those you believe may give you better winning odds. The only difference, aside from the theme, is that Ugga Bugga contains 10 rows and offers 10 pay lines.
  4. Nemo’s Voyage by Williams Interactive (99.00%) The only representative of video slots in this list, Nemo’s Voyage is created by Williams Interactive and is based on the sea life and adventures of Captain Nemo which were described in Jules Verne’s novels.  Nemo’s Voyage has 40 pay lines and features many Wild symbols such as Multiplier Wilds, Pressurised Wilds, Clumped Wilds, but also Wild Reels, stacked symbols and Free Spins. The theoretical RTP ranges from 95.01% to 99.00% and the payouts grow during the game, since some Wild features are locked at the beginning.
  5. Mega Joker by NetEnt (99.00%) This 5-line, multiple coin features 3×3 reels, basic mode, supermeter mode and progressive jackpot. The theoretical payout varies significantly: from 76.1% for bet of 1 coin to 89.1% – 99.00% for bet of 10 coins, including the Supermeter mode. Mega Joker looks like a classic slot machine you can find in the land-based casino and the bet options are simply an imitation of those available at real slot cabinets.
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